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604 W. Murray Ave

Visalia, CA 93291

Store Hours:

Tues - Sat 9am-6pm


Sun & Mon: Closed


Eric Epperson (grandson of Louie) and Cameron Stephenson (great grandson of Louie)

Expanding the Glick Family

James and Michelle Jessen Owners

The Glick's Family

We are fortunate to have the Best Staff in the Business with treasured past employees re-joining the market to serve up exceptional quality and customer support; along with new employees, enthusiastic to be a part of the new age of Glick’s; and 2nd to 4th generation family members elated to be working side-by-side in the family business. We value each and every one of our employees, and we hope that they find their work here as rewarding and satisfying as we find them.


Expert Butchers

Francsico Fregoso

Francisco  "Poncho"  Fregoso  has grown up around Glick's Market when his dad worked here many years ago.  He learned from a couple of the best and continues to carry on the tradition.  You will always find him back in the butcher room working hard.


Gerardo Ortiz

We are so excited to have Gerardo back with us.  He worked here long before we closed as one of the head butchers and did all of the farm processing, and has come back recently.  He also worked under Louie and Jim and learned from the best.  You will find Gerardo working hard in the back and when he comes out on the counter to help customers he makes sure the customer is pleased and happy before they leave.


James Jessen

James has a passion for food and butchery, the two togethere make the best combination anyone could ever ask for.  You will be able to see his passion in every cut he makes,as it turns out to be a masterpiece.  


Thomas Flynn

We are happy to have Thomas back.  He started in the meat business about 9 years ago and was with us from 2011-2014 after a little break he has returned and jumped right back into things. 

  • Poncho Fregoso
  • Gerardo Ortiz
  • James Jessen
  • Thomas Flynn

Management Team

Susie Glick Tews—

Shortly after high school, Susie began working in her father’s store, and now decades later, her commitment to his humble dream is still unwavering. A people-person through and through, Susie always has a smile for her customers, knows them all by name, and generally has an inkling of what they will order on any given day. She keeps the books, but also keeps us running smoothly and motivates everyone around her. Susie has been an integral part of the family business since the doors opened in 1974. She truly is the heart and soul of Glick’s and although she has now handed the reigns over to James she still enjoys being down at the shop and taking customers orders, she can't break away completely, and is enjoying working with James now too.  She is spending some time away and being a grandma. 


Trish Phillips –

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Trish stepped out of high school and into Glick’s for a 7-year stretch before marrying and moving from the area. She returned years later for another seven years, and is now thrilled to be back and moving forward with the family business. Though Trish has watched the store go through many transitions since her grandfather headed the company, it is her goal to restore Glick’s to its original graciousness and charm, while updating it with a brand new look, contemporary POS system with three terminals, and modern procedures that contribute to the efficacy of day-to-day operations, all the while maintaining our old fashion appeal.  



Susie Glick Tews
Susie Glick Tews
Trish Phillips
Trish Phillips

The Women of Glick's

Daisy, Denaia, Johni, Mackenzie, Lisa, Chris, Alejandra  Presley, Trish, Haley, and Maria
Daisy, Denaia, Johni, Mackenzie, Lisa, Chris, Alejandra Presley, Trish, Haley, and Maria

When you come in you will more than likely be greeted by one of these Gals.  We are very pleased to have such a great staff of women that are here to serve you. With a friendly smile and knowledge of the product, any of these women can help you get whatever you need.